Episode 18 – Jan Gardner – Frederick County Executive

Jan Gardner became Frederick county’s first County Executive when the county adopted to a charter government in 2012. She’s running for the position again in the upcoming November 2018 elections. During Ms. Gardner’s time in office, Frederick County in 2016 earned the highest AAA stable bond rating from all three bond rating agencies, Moody’s, Stand and Poor and Fitch’s. The rating indicates the county’s healthy economic status as well as potential to grow in the future and also indicate the county’s strong financial management abilities. Ms. Gardner among other things has spearheaded the liveable frederick initiative which is a living plan for a future Frederick with input from those who live and work here as well as support organizations that foster small businesses (ROOT) as well as innovation in the biotech industry that can create new and permanent jobs right here in Frederick county (FITCI).

You may reach Jan Gardner @ https://www.jangardner.org/ or at her office @ https://frederickcountymd.gov/5931/County-Executive

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