Episode 12 – Michael O’Connor – Mayor of the City of Frederick

I had the honor of interviewing Michael O’Connor who’s the recently elected Mayor of the City of Frederick. He was an Alderman of the City of Frederick for eight years before he ran for the position of Mayor in the 2017 election challenging the incumbent Mayor Randy McClement and successfully unseating him and ending his eight year run. We talk about taxes in city as well as tax equity, we discuss the future of biotech in Frederick county, we also discuss the importance of debate in politics and the importance of being an informed citizen. We also discuss the future of beer in the city, county and state as well as addressing homelessness among other things. We met at his prestigious office in City Hall in downtown Frederick for a face to face interview.

Mayor Michael O’Connor can be reached at:

https://www.cityoffrederick.com/520/Office-of-the-Mayor and moconnor@cityoffrederick.com

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