Episode 11 – Doug Bane – President & CEO @ BaneBio

Doug Bane has had a very diverse background in terms of his career and identified an opportunity when it was in front of him which led him and his then partners to start BaneBio. BaneBio provides a very important service here in Frederick County which is a hotbed for Biotech startups and small biotech companies, they buy and sell used laboratory equipment which is backed by warranty. In addition to this they also provide preventative maintenance services for labs in Maryland and also offer lab equipment repair services. In the startup biotech environment that Frederick County lies in often times companies don’t have the money to buy new equipment in the early stages of the company and companies like BaneBio come to their rescue and provide quality equipment to them at affordable prices. We talk of Doug’s background and his path that led to where he is today, a successful thriving business here in Frederick County.

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