Episode 8 – Jon-Mikel Bailey – President @ Wood Street Inc.

1.jpegJon-Mikel is the company President at Wood Street, a local Frederick founded company that provides web based services including web design and development. In addition to this, they also provide branding, mobile development as well as hosting services. A business built from the ground up that started off with no clients 16 years ago, now have clients nationwide. In addition to this Jon is the Board Chair of the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce.

Please contact him @ contact@woodst.com

You can visit his business website @ https://www.woodst.com

You can learn more about the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce @ http://www.thefrederickchamber.org

You can visit me @ https://www.thefrederickpodcast.com

You can reach me @ thefrederickpodcast@gmail.com

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