Episode 2- Sam Peightal of Flatfootsam and the Educated Fools


I had the honor of interviewing Sam Peightal, otherwise known as the Flatfoot Sam the week before Christmas, we discussed his background as well as his love for music and how he went from an instrument musician to a singer/songwriter among other things including his inspiration to get into music and forming his band. Catch the interview on audio only podcast here or on youTube if you are a visual person.

Filmed and recorded on location @ Barley and Hops Microbrewery.

You can reach Sam to book his band at his website and Facebook page.

Listen here!


2 thoughts on “Episode 2- Sam Peightal of Flatfootsam and the Educated Fools

  1. Very eclectic podcast. Really, really eclectic. Couldn’t be more eclectical. But seriously, a good interview, easy listening podcast. It’s what Frederick is. Keeps me grounded. Thanks for this, Shyam.

    1. Thanks for the support Jim keep watching please I really promise to bring you an eclectic show.

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