Podcast preparation

I am Shyam Kumar, I moved to Frederick, MD over six years ago from Buffalo, NY. I have fallen in love with our magnificent city and county. I wanted to start this podcast as a way to connect with and promote my fellow Frederickians and the diversity of businesses that thrive in our economy. I also plan on keeping you guys up to date on all major events that will take place in Frederick in the coming months so that you have ample notice to plan and show up to them! I am in the process of producing my podcasts now, they will be available in audio only podcast format as well as in videos hosted by YouTube. Have an interesting story? Contact me at thefrederickpodcast@gmail.com and we can chat about having you on the show!



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  1. Congrats Shyam on your new endeavor! I look forward to listening to your podcasts and learning more about our city. Cheers!

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